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Rabarama Invited at Artist IQ in Amsterdam

The renowned Italian artist Rabarama will be present at the Artist-IQ in Amsterdam from January 17th, 2015 along with a selection of great international artists and historical artworks.

Rabarama at Artist-IQ, Amsterdam

From January 17th untill February 1st there will be a unique artevent in the Beurs van Berlage: Artist-IQ. Five ages of art will be brought together. Four leading galleries in the Netherlands will show a selection of original artworks from their range. The event will be framed by gastronomy and music. The visitor can enjoy a very accessible new artexperience that will excite the senses.

In eight different themes, the visitor will be led through several rooms where the theme is leading, framed by the different periods of art. This not only gives an overview of the development and vision in the art world, but there will also arise an exciting encounter between movements, artists and materials. Please find enclosed a format as it is now designed by architect Thomas Bedaux. The visitor who follows the route goes through the different themes and eight different worlds of experience in which they are presented.


This platform consists four art galleries, each providing a specific and important contribution to this special initiative:

Tom Okker Art
Douwes Fine Art
Kunsthandel Peter Pappot
Van Loon Galleries

A strong art platform as a connector and stage for art, artists, people and society.

Tom Okker Art:
Specialist in the field of modern and contemporary art and Cobra. Works include original works by Karel Appel, Corneille and Andy Warhol.

Douwes Fine Art:

Already 500 years active in the art trade and represented in Amsterdam, London and Hong Kong. Working among others with original works of Rembrandt.

Kunsthandel Peter Pappot:
Arttrade Peter Pappot from Amsterdam specializes in paintings of Dutch, Belgian and French painters of the period 1800 to 1950. Works include original works by Matisse, Mesdag and Van Dongen.

Van Loon Galleries:
Art gallery with offices in Vught and Amsterdam and active in modern art. With more than 50 international artists including Rabarama David Begbie and Jeffrey Robb.

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