giovedì 14 maggio 2015

105 Years Old Contemporary Art Gallery Cafmeyer Invites Rabarama to Celebrate

The Cafmeyer Gallery is ready to celebrate 105 years of glorious activity in Belgium, with a cocktail art-party on May 15th and May 16th. The Italian artist Rabarama will attend at the event, where will be exhibiting a selection of her recent artworks.

Rabarama has collaborated with the Cafmeyer Gallery for many years and she is now very well known in Belgium, where her artworks (sculptures and paintings) are in the collections of many art lovers and companies.
The first exhibition of Rabarama in Belgium dates back to the year 1997 and the first solo
exhibition was held the following year in 1998 (here a link to the history of Rabarama's exhibitions).

In these eighteen years the Artist has become one of the best known Italian contemporary artists in the world, thanks to her public art exhibitions (often with monumental sculptures) in Paris, Shanghai, Florence, Beijing, Miami and London among the others and to the participation at the 54th Venice Biennale.
Nowadays, Rabarama is appreciated worldwide and her artworks are owned by some of the greatest collectors in the world; her monumental sculptures have been acquired by museums in Europe, China and USA.

Belgium was one of the first Countries to believe in her career and the collectors could be now, after nearly twenty years of successes, completely satisfied of their past choices.

Cafmeyer Gallery and Rabarama

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