lunedì 11 maggio 2015

Visionary environments

There are creative persons who are yet not fully recognized as great artists but their visionary environments are worth to be discovered, here is an interesting article made through a research on Wikipedia. I suggest you to read it.

(take from: A.V. Club.  The full article is here)
What it’s about: While some artists are content with an empty canvas or a block of clay, some think big, creating installations that the viewer actually moves through and experiences. These environments are often considered outsider art, as many are built by artists without formal training, just a strong personal vision writ large.

Strangest fact: One remarkable folk art construction was created by a retiree who was simply looking for a place to put her stuff. Tressa “Grandma” Prisbrey was born in 1896, married at age 15 to a man 37 years her senior, had seven kids in 14 years, and eventually settled down with her third husband in Simi Valley, California. By age 60, she had amassed a collection of 17,000 commemorative pencils, and intended to build a small cinderblock building to house them. Finding cinderblocks too expensive, Prisbrey scouted the local dump, and found numerous glass bottles. A poorly worded stretch of the Wikipedia page implies she immediately came home with more than one million bottles; it’s more likely this is how many she accumulated over the next 25 years. Until she left in poor health at age 86, Prisbrey continued building up her Bottle Village, creating structures and adding sculptures entirely using recycled materials.


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