martedì 3 marzo 2015

Body as art Vs Art about body: the naked taboo

The artist Milo Moiré did it again...She appeared naked (with a baby) in a museum to admire paintings that often portrayed naked women and babies, as it is "normal" in classical paintings.

The best thing to notice is that the public was not shocked at all by the naked provocation of the artist, as you can see in the video of this action, here below.

The nudity taboo is so strong that makes people blind :) or even real nudity in a museum is now "normalized" (maybe by the fact that there was also a camera it is a "show", not reality)?


PERFORMANCE | THE NAKED LIFE –“How little abstraction can art tolerate?”

Milo Moiré

Milo Moiré, nude, with a nude baby during the closing (2015/02/22) of “The naked life” in the LWL Museum of Art and Culture in Münster (Germany) to celebrate the exhibition. Milo and the baby looked at the nudes in the exhibition and, because of their own nakedness, became a part of it.

In celebration of the exhibition “The naked life” in the LWL Museum of Art and Culture, the performance artist Milo Moiré challenges the fundamental attitudes towards abstract and figurative art. Isn’t a painting depicting natural themes itself an abstraction? What could be the absolute motif of an exhibition dedicated to the naked life, an exhibition which appeals to specific sensory experiences? In keeping with the approach of the artists exhibited, Milo Moiré brings everyday life to art. And yet, she goes one step further in removing herself from the abstract form of representation and shows her main motif of the naked life: A naked infant safe in the arms of a naked woman. This direct confrontation with live nude art challenges others to reflect on familiar forms of perception. How close may a form of representation in art approach real life? Milo Moiré’s performance leaves this question within the realm of the museum: “How little abstraction can art tolerate?”

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