venerdì 13 marzo 2015

The Artist’s Body Merging With Her Sculpture

Original here:

This great shot was made by Hikari Kesho for a project regarding body art and as the cover image of the Rabarama Skin Art Festival, with Kryolan

I always called my sculptures “my creatures” and thank to body art and a great photographer here I am merged with my iconic work “Transmutazione”.
I believe in the art and the body because our society is moving towards a total annihilation of the body even if many would say that this is not true because the body is so present in mass media and culture. This is the point: it is really present but as a product, not as the “temple of life” that it is.
I think that a way to contrast this is to refer strongly to the harmony and beauty of the human body, to make its inner value explicit: the body is the symbol of life, feelings, relationships, identity.
If it is treated like an object and a product, well, all Life will become a product, together with sentiments and spirituality (sadly we see that this is really happening right now).

Original here:

Backstage video:

Rabarama and Hikari Kesho: body art from Rabarama on Vimeo.

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