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Bentley Commissions New Series of Brand Inspired Art

By Dave Pinter, PSFK
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Debuting during Art Basel, Design/Miami 2014 is a car factory inspired light sculpture

‘Bentley Elements’ is a new series of commissioned art and design pieces which over time will present work from artists and craftspeople responding to inspiration from the Bentley brand. The automaker debuted the first of the series at Art Basel, Design/Miami 2014. The project is a collaboration between car maker Bentley and British creative directors Campbell-Rey who identified light as the first theme to be explored.

Milan-based conceptual artist Massimo Uberti was called to create the first installation. Uberti creates 3-dimensional geometric neon sculptures which are more like drawings in light. Bentley invited Uberti to spend some time at their Crewe, England factory to get inspired.

Massimo Uberti - Bentley Elements
Uberti was particularly drawn to the flourescent light covered inspection tunnel where the completed vehicles get a close look at fit and finish prior to delivery.

After working through some initial drawings, Uberti settled on a shape mimicking a factory. Inside is a representation of a craftsperson’s work table and chairs. The work reflects the production process and in particular how Bentley relies on both mechanical and human touch to produce their cars.

I like to realize architectures of light. As with all the painters from the beginning of history, light is central to my work. I employ neon tubes to build places for poetical inhabitants, trying to create dreamlike spaces that allow for reflection – something that I think is necessary for everybody.

Massimo Uberti - Bentley Elements

Massimo Uberti - Bentley Elements

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