giovedì 11 dicembre 2014

Hikari Kesho

Hikari Kesho is a great artistic photographer and his main inspiration is the female body.
We have collaborated to create an amazing shot of me in body paint emerging from one of my sculptures and also for some portraits and... (you will know...)

Rabarama photographed by Hikari Kesho
Hikari Kesho has developed a unique style for photographing female bodies, making personal researches on the theme of body expression. He uses often black and white with gothic contaminations and connects uniquely to the world of fetish fantasies.

Hikari Kesho artworks have been published in many books and magazines (Goliath books, Playboy, Blue magazine ) and in 2012 he was selected (the only italian photographer) for "The Art of Contemporary Shibari", a multi-media exhibit including still photography, video, and live performance art by Photographers, Riggers and Models for the Fotofest 2012 Biennial, the first international Biennial of Photography and Photo-related Art in the United States. Hikari Kesho's photo "Observing the Stillness of Brenta River" was chosen to be the official poster of the Biennial.

Rabarama body painting and sculpture - photo by Hikari Kesho

You can also watch this video about the making of this shot:

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