mercoledì 24 dicembre 2014

“The body of the woman for me is the sensuality and elegance while the male body represents power and balance…”

Excerpt from Rabarama interview with Istanbul Art Snob magazine.
Read the full interview here:

ARTSNOB: The body has a complicated structure but works very simply beyond our understanding. As an artist dealing with “body” how do you define the body?

RABARAMA: Thank you for asking, the “body” is really a central theme in my art. Last year I have presented an art-manifesto titled “SKIN ART MANIFESTO” (!skin-art-manifesto/c1667) that was subscribed by many artists and also by a famous brand in the professional cosmetics industry (Kryolan).

Our society is moving towards a total annihilation of the body even if many would say that this is not true because the body is so present in mass media and culture. This is the point: it is really present but as a product, not as the “temple of life” that it is.
I think that a way to contrast this is to refer strongly to the harmony and beauty of the human body, to make its inner value explicit: the body is the symbol of life, feelings, relationships, identity.

If it is treated like an object and a product, well, all life will become a product, together with sentiments and spirituality (sadly we see that this is really happening right now).
With this Manifesto I invite all the artists, designers and people to support the “beauty” as a real and living value.

ARTSNOB: I love the way you patternise the skin of your sculptures. At İlayda’s booth there were amazing ones. I interpreted it as the effect of the outer world on the human body and soul. Sometimes good sometimes evil. An existentialist effect that us humans cannot avoid. And that flourishes as energy on our bodies. How do you interpret the skin colors, prints, patterns?

RABARAMA: Our body reveals the signs of time, in the same way my “creations” tell through the use of symbols and colors the path of growth and knowledge that every human being faces along the journey of life. I chose a simple way to communicate and to confront the users creating visual cues in support of far more ‘articulated concepts , which refer to the understanding of the reason for our existence in this dimension of space-time.

Read the full interview here:

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