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Giovanni Allevi

Giovanni Allevi & Rabarama
During the initiative "Volarearte" by Fondazione Henraux, Giovanni Allevi held a symphonic concert in the heights of Monte Altissimo in Tuscany, at the presence of my monumental sculpture and with a performance by bodypainted preformers (Stephane Boko and Yanelis Brooks-Sanchez):

Rabarama & Giovanni Allevi from Rabarama on Vimeo.

Giovanni Allevi is an exceptional artist of unique intellectual and musical commitment and one of the main uncontaminated and pure composers of the current international panorama.
Allevi (who is 43 but looks 15 years younger) is a pianist, composer and conductor who graduated with top marks in piano and composition. He also holds a cum laude degree in Philosophy (he wrote his dissertation on “The Void in Contemporary Physics”) but still says: “Through my music I see the world with the eyes of a child”. On stage he wears jeans and tennis shoes, not because he seeks to change the usual appearance of classical musician but because he wants to feel completely himself: all he cares about is his music, the rest is optional.
Thus, Allevi became a social phenomenon, the enfant terrible who shocked the musical Academia with his talent and charisma. He became part of the imaginary of new generations, who pack the concert halls in which he plays and with whom he has a special relationship, which Allevi himself defines “mysterious”.
His compositions sketch the canon of a new Classical Contemporary Music through a learned and emotional language. This language distances itself from the dodecaphonic, minimalist experience in order to affirm a new European rhythmic and melodic intensity based on the forms of classical tradition combined with the sounds of today.
Allevi’s music seeks to be the mirror of today’s multilayered, multiethnic society and to give voice to the "dangerous loneliness of the composer". He prizes the piano as a means of expression for its "closeness to the soul, to emotions and adrenaline".

Giovanni Allevi and Rabarama

As a result of his intellectual commitment to define a new contemporary classical music in both Italy and Europe, Giovanni receives rave reviews and attracts the esteem not only of those in the world of art and culture but also of figures such as the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, Pope Benedict XVI, Nobel Mikhail Gorbaciov and many others.
Amongst the most recent of his many successful concerts and tours are the opening concert of his US tour at the New York Carnegie Hall, the piano solo concert for San Carlo Theatre in Naples in Piazza del Plebiscito where he played in front of eleven thousand people, and the concert on 1st September 2009 at the Arena di Verona, an historical event which was defined as the “Woodstock of contemporary classical music”. In this concert Giovanni conducted his symphonic music, played by the “All Stars Orchestra” (an orchestra of 90 musicians chosen form the world's best musical ensembles) in front of 12000 people. This concert was also released in a special CD/DVD edition by Sony Music. Worth mentioning is also Allevi’s concert in the Forbidden City in Beijing during the 2008 Olympic Games when the Maestro conducted the China Philharmonic Orchestra which brilliantly performed his music.
However, Giovanni never abandoned his big love, the piano. He is back on stage in 2010 with a series of piano solo concerts in Switzerland, California and Japan, continued with great success in Italy and hit some of the top European cities in 2011. In the Alien World Tour he presented his latest album of unreleased solo piano Alien, (Bizart/Sony Music certified gold) with his most beloved works. Since 30th April 2012 the first release of Giovanni Allevi for the French market has been available: “SECRET LOVE”. The record was published by RCA Victor/Sony Music France and it is a collection of his most famous piano solo compositions, containing 14 studio and 4 live tracks.

The great concert season was back in 2012 with stunning live events in Italy and in London where during the Olympic Games he was called to represent Italian music for the second time consecutively. After that he superbly conducted his first concerto for violin and orchestra which was included in SUNRISE, his new album of symphonic compositions
which was released on 30th October 2012 on Bizart/Sony Music label.

Giovanni Allevi
The World Première that saw Maestro Allevi conducting the Orchestra of Teatro San Felice and solo violinist Mariusz
Patyra, winner of Paganini Prize, took place in Teatro San Felice in Genoa on 14th November 2012. The reruns were all sold out and by popular demand the project is being proposed again throughout Italy in 2013.

Allevi is also a successful writer: Traveling With the Witch (March 2008) and The Music in My Head (November 2008) are his best-sellers published by Rizzoli. In September 2011 his third book and aesthetic manifesto Classical Rebel was released. This is an intense philosophical reflection on the relationship between Art and Life and a further confirmation of the solidity of his classical education and cultural stature. Here philosophical thought expresses his artistic aesthetics which aims at renewing the forms of tradition while remaining faithful to them, and at living the present day truly and passionately.

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