lunedì 29 dicembre 2014

#bloggerswanted for my SEERCRAFT blog

#bloggerswanted for my SEERCRAFT blog (

I'm looking for contributors for the new blog about art and science / technology / history. 

if you are innovative, stimulating, transdisciplinary, evocative, please send an introduction of you to 
(I'm looking for contributors in the following languages: english, spanish, portuguese, french, chinese, japanese).


In this time of fast changes, visual arts could be the best media to document what is happening, thanks to their immediate effect on the collective consciousness.

We would like to contribute to the birth of a debate about the mutations that technology, cyber culture, applied sciences, bionics and genetics are bringing to the human being, in the body, psyche and social relations, in a different perspective and inspired by Rabarama and other contemporary artists: innovative, stimulating, transdisciplinary, evocative.

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